November 18


Thank you for reading SQUATGIRL. Right now, together with a great team, we are working on lots of new ideas so you will find your daily motivation here. I am so excited, sometimes I cannot sleep at night! I want to create a SQUATGIRL community which gets involved with us and mostly, I want to […]

November 11


“I don’t want to get big or bulky, that’s why I don’t lift heavy weights” is what I hear from so many women at the gym. They have pictures of female bodybuilders who resemble men in their mind and are absolutely terrified of adding some kilos to the weight stack. So they pick up a 2 kilo […]

November 06


It’s about time someone creates a HEALTHY sweet&sour salad dressing and that’s gonna be me. It cannot be that you whisk sugar, honey, raw onion and ketchup together like they suggest in most recipes! It will take you only five minutes to prepare this salad and it tastes absolutely fantastic. You can serve it as […]

November 04


I am a vegetarian since almost 30 years. “Do you eat at least chicken and fish?” is the question I am promptly asked when outing myself. When I decline, they make a puzzled face, “But where from do you get your protein?!” Let me start from the very beginning, namely with the reason I became a […]

October 28


If the music rocks, I am like one of those Duracell bunnies – I can dance for hours without a break. I am a big hip-hop fan and love house but I don’t like most of the clubs I have gone to recently. I miss the times I had DJ friends in Switzerland and London […]

October 21


“You put on weight!”, “You are too thin!”, “You are too muscular!” – People love to comment on my looks whatever their motivation is. “You put on weight!” would be a delighted exclamation of my mother who confuses muscles with fat which I think is cute. “You are all skin and bones” usually comes from […]

October 14


You wonder how to get a nice round butt and toned legs? The answer is one word: SQUATS. I swear, if I was a personal trainer (mind you, I have intentions to become one!), I would have all my clients make supersets of squats two times a week and they would show off their sexy […]

October 07


My perfect day definitely starts with a good night’s sleep and a cup of coffee – that’s all it takes to get me going. If I don’t get my seven hours of rest in a couple of days though, even 1 liter of coffee won’t help. My eyes burn, my body is tired and I […]

September 30


Eating healthy can be quite a challenge because there is a powerful food industry that wants people to buy the products they sell. The simplest way to understand if something that you want to eat or drink is good for you, is to think about its origin. Where does it come from? Did it grow […]

September 23


I can say that I am the master of my body, but my mind? Nooo, it drives me crazy quite regularly! I am thinking way too much, especially when I shouldn’t of course, like when I am dead tired and have got only four hours until the alarm clock starts ringing. So when my friend […]